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Sunwin is the most professional smart city investment, construction, operation of integrated service providers, focus on the smart city top design and norms, with core technology (smart  City integrated software platform development and design capabilities). At present, Sunwin is one of the few, fully qualified, the realization of PPP model of the landing of the smart city service providers, its services are replicable, can truly realize the bulk of the promotion and landing.

Sunwin's smart city development strategy includes two directions:

NO.1:”Horizontal development towards comprehensive business expansion”.Take the smart Jishou PPP project as an example, it includes 18 applications such as smart traffic, smart roadside parking, smart government, smart travel, citizen card, etc.

NO.2:”Vertical characteristic development of Sunwin”.

Combined with Sunwin's smart business scope, focus on the major health, medical and industrial integration of the industry direction, focusing on the PPP model to create a combination of medical and health towns and other characteristics of industrial towns.

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